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Why Build a Local Portal
Equity - Be First Build Your Stations Value.
Build Revenue - Your Customers Are Ready.
Extend Capabilities - Coupons, Pictures, and more.
Build Mind Share! - Be the talk of the Community.
Pre-empt Others - It`s Coming! Don`t be second.
A Combination that Work! - Listeners that buy.
A Web site that is new every day! - News, Weather and Fun.
National Advertising - Make Your Station Attractive.

Why Use the Web?
Internet Projections - Huge Growth.
Kids and Dollars - 8.4 Million on-line.
Internet Facts - Surfing & Buying.
Local Internet Users - Tens of Thousands.
24 X 7 Availability - Never Sleep.
Worldwide Availability - Not for all.

How to Use the Internet
Convenience - Value - Work for your customers.
Small Business and the Internet - Service.
Value! Value! Value! - Fresh and Accurate.
Retailing - Expand On-Line.
Customer Service - Prompt and Responsive.
Build Awareness - Advertise.
Reality Check - Crumbling Barriers.

Making e-Commerce Work
Make Buyers Feel Comfortable - Use Your Strengths.
Make it Easy to Shop! - Get the Goods to the Buyers.
Make It Easy to Buy! - Obvious But Often Missed.
Build Buyer Loyalty - Keep Your Customers.

Radio On Line
Radio and The Internet Mean Business
40% of New Car Buyers use the Net Online Car Shopping Surges.  
     60% increase in use by new car buyers.

    On-line car buying doubles. Michael Dell plans to become the first company to sell cars entirely through the Internet, bypassing showrooms and salesmen. Ford and GM have also announced plans to sell cars direct via the Internet.

    25% of used car buyers use the net.

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Putting it All Together - Radio and the Web
  • Back Up Your Radio Ads with the Web! - A Mobile Audience.
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